About Us

CAT KHANH Trade & Investment Co.,Ltd was established on 21/09/2015. Former, CAT KHANH was an exporting broker of Vietnamese cashew.

Recognize the value of nutrition nuts and other organic nutrition foods to human health. CAT KHANH start the business relationship to import those from top oversea suppliers. Since 2016, CAT KHANH has been being the distributor of imported – healthy – nutrition foods includes: nutrition nuts, organic dried fruits, confectionery, … from Australia, USA, and others prestige sources.

The business philosophy of CAT KHANH put customers health and business prestige on top. We only provide healthy products for our beloved customers. 

Key selling - points of CATKHANH products

Clear product origin

All imported products have the clear origin from the top sources of prodcts oversea.

100% natural

We only provide natural organic products and non-chemical process.


CAT KHANH products are mostly treat with roasted or dried to keep the original  smell & taste of the products.

Rich nutrition

CAT KHANH only provide products with high nutrition, good for health which have been proved and recommend to use.

Competitive prices

By direct dealing with oversea suppliers and direct sales to local consumers, CAT KHANH can give a very competitive prices in the market

Quality commitment

CAT KHANH commit all products provide have been satisfy with the standard of quality and safety of Vietnam and global.

Business orientation

Consistency with the mission of providing healthy foods to the market, CAT KHANH not only focus on developing their own products lines but also being the local distributor for the worldwide organic product.

CAT KHANH is an exclusive distributor of  ABSOLUTE ORGANIC – an organic products from Australia, famous with dried fruits, chia which are very interested by Vietnaese.


  • In-shell walnut and walnut kerner
  • Macadamia
  • Almon
  • Salty roasted cashew
  • Pistachio
  • Cashew


  • Organic Raisin
  • Organic dried figs
  • Dried plum
  • Dried Apricots
  • Date-palm

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